Team Work

In business we all deal with team work and team oriented tasks. The purpose of a team is made of of its individual entities, with the single entities combined creates a stronger system for the team.

An ancient North American symbol has been represented of this concept for years and it the Inuit Inukshuk, the following paragraph demonstrates the Team Work Concept.

As has shown, The Inuit Inukshuk symbolizes a significant Team Work concept within the Inushuk itself in that each stone represnts a single enitity or person within the team. The stone below and above are supportive of eachother but are completly seperate and different. The strength relies on its unity and it symbolizes a perfect Team Work synergy. Teams are strongest when the flow and dynamic of the team has individuals coming together to reach a greater purpose or end result, same goes with the Inukshuk each stone is different but are brought together to create a symbol of strategic place team work.

History shows us how we have evolved and how we still look to the past for guidance. The Inukshuk is one of the many example how we can look to the past and the natural environment for business oriented ideas.

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