S.M.A.R.T Goal

S.M.A.R.T Goal:

Specific: I want to increase awareness of the struggles many of us encounter on a daily basis, and how to overcome those struggles.

Measureable: I will have testimonials given by people with a struggle and how to overcome that struggle. Weekly posts will be updated once a week on issues, struggles and news events to inspire and uplift people who read the content.

Attainable: I will post one testimonial a week of a different person to show that the content is continually updated and people come have posts to read on a weekly basis.

Realistic: I will continue until week 14 and after the course if done I will; continue to use this word press for personal use, because I believe in what the website stands for and feel it is something new and fresh.

Time – Frame: I will post for 2 weeks on how to overcome adversity, fear and change we face every day. Even after the course is done my goal is to continue this website to enlighten those around me and inspire those in the world.

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