Target Market

iOvercame does not have a specific demographic  because I want to appeal to anyone who deals with a personal struggle and I believe that this should not be given a age because everyone deals with things based on the way they were brought up, where they grew up and the generation they belong to ( baby boomers, Generation X, Y).

Therefore realistically cover everyone because this is not a specific targeted market because everyone has their own experiences and ways they have dealt with those experiences. Psychographics for the target market of iOvercame is geared towards people of all walks of life and cultures, what you face will be different then the person next to you would have faced.

iOvercame is designed try and understand the ways and methods the people at hand have dealt with their struggles and try to uncover the answers to these struggles by the use of social media. Social media use allows us to network with industry professionals and learn from them solutions to our clients problems. I want to target people with a disability (mental or physical), someone who has experienced discrimination or racism; someone who has fought a disease or illness, and drug related abuse just to name a few.

I also want to target people who have experienced financial problems because this in its self is something we all can relate to and quite frankly deal with on a day to day basis. The Geographic’s of the target market can be nationwide and we encourage people from every province to give a testimonial on our page to increase the awareness of struggles face in our own “bubble” so to speak.

I chose to make iOvercame nationwide to start because there are enough struggles people deal with everyday within our own country to look past it.

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