iOvercame: Lack of self confidence

When I was younger I lacked the self-confidence I have now, I would walk around shy staring at my shoes just so I did not have to make eye contact with others who passed me by. As time passed by and I became older I still found myself looking deep down in order to find that “piece of the puzzle” I found was missing.

Fast forward just shortly after high school I found myself at the doorway of an old boxing gym, being greeted by a young energetic man who had a love for the sport. I had experience in combative arts before but never one that forced me to rely on my “weakness” which was the ability to punch effectively.

So here I am standing in the “squared circle” where time feels like it is standing still, being forced to dig deep and push past my comfort zone. It was in this primal old-time environment where I redefined my character allowing me to overcome the burden of the lack of confidence I had carried so heavily in my younger years.

Boxing helped me redefine myself as a human being and without it I would not be where I am today in regards to my character and self-confidence.

I challenge you to find that one thing that allows you to re define yourself in order for personal human growth because it will not happen if someone does it for you; if you want something to change then you have to take yourself outside our you comfort zone like I did and see what you are made of. It does not have to be combative sports it could be anything from exercising to running and hiking, as long as you are constantly challenging yourself to grow you will.

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